Logging It Like Old Davy Crocket In A Log House

To say that Davy Crocket was a simple man with simple tastes may be something of an overstatement. If he did not have his simple log house to turn to at night, he would have been in his element, not out on his ear, deep in the forest, miles and miles away from base camp, otherwise known as home to the great Davy Crocket. That this man was great is never in doubt. He was a pioneer.

Going further and deeper where no other man would dare to venture. You can never come this close to nature. But close to nature you can still come. These are not romantic delusions. These are realities. Who knows how many city folks are dreaming of one day someday escaping the concrete jungle, going to live in the country. Dreams come true. Two or so practical and purposeful tasks set them on their way.

First is the finding of suitable land not too far from a functioning town. And then there is the small matter of sifting through a few simple log house designs before proceeding with the building of a log house or cabin in the woods. It will never be as rustic and rudimentary as the one in which one Mr. Crocket once laid his head low. City folks would still want to enjoy some of the creature comforts to which they still find themselves attached.

simple log house designs

It is never easy saying goodbye to habits you have known for most of your life. And when making that great leap into the woods, it can take quite a while to adjust to all the changes. But in the long run, it may turn out to be all the more worthwhile.

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