Where Cracks In The Foundations Begin

Nothing to be alarmed about, but there are common causes of foundation movements and cracks. Rest assured that a foundation cracks tulsa ok expert can conduct a thorough inspection of your premises and initiate the repair of any cracks should there be any signs thereof. The shrinking and swelling of expansive soil is held up as one common cause of foundation movements. Poor site drainage is yet another cause.

foundation cracks tulsa ok

And it is not unusual to find that an improperly compacted fill will sink under the load of a building. A leading cause of foundation movements or cracks is poor building construction. As far as the shrinking and swelling of soil goes, soil shrinks during the dry months. And soil expands during the wet months. There are times when the soil swells considerable enough to raise foundations higher than its original level.

This movement is often referred to as heaving. At the site of poor site drainage, surface moisture needs to be moved away from the building so that the strength and required level of the foundations can be preserved. As far as an improperly compacted fill goes, moisture is the contributing factor. It is common for the moisture build-up to occur during the construction of a building.

But the deception is that no leaks could be noticed for many years. Plumbing leaks can also cause a shifting of the foundations. A poorly constructed building does not make adequate provision for soil conditions and the surrounding areas around which the initial foundations are laid. With extreme exceptions, it is never too late to salvage the property. It begins with the foundation cracks expert’s first inspection.

Thereafter, should any cracks be detected, let’s just say that he’ll be laying the foundations for swift repairs.

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